Training Philosophy

My philosophy is simply put: we are committed to your horse’s full self-expression, however that manifests itself.  Force, fear, and intimidation may be useful tactics in coercing a horse to become obedient, however, that is not what I teach.


I want you to learn to consider that horses, just like humans, use coping skills, and survival mechanisms; they experience pressure, trauma, and confusion; they have the need to evaluate their surroundings and gather information; they find unity and connection with those around them.  Here, you will consider interacting with the horses in a way you would want to be interacted with.  Kindness, consideration, love, safety, and ultimately true belonging will be our goals. True freedom and liberation lies in the ability to show up as our authentic selves.

Are you seeking a mindful approach to the training of your horse? We have horses in training that are world-level contenders and ponies who will become the love of a child's life.  We don’t get too caught up with where they are going, only that they get participate in the journey as your partner.  

As a trainer, I believe it to be our responsibility to have a deep practice of reflection and self-awareness for the sake of the horses and our personal integrity. Through our equine training programs, we hope to pass this on to you and your horse.